With a continuous eye on innovation, SoftStar collaborates with its clients to achieve the highest return on investment from information technologies. State of the art tools and technologies are identified and applied in order to pursue new opportunities and guide business process improvements. SoftStar provides both on-site consulting and turn key solutions. Top


Software development has always been a key activity at SoftStar. Writing code does not only require passion and long hours behind a video, but discipline. Gone are the days of the lone coder that delivers the killer applications with one little limitation: unmaintainable code. Since its inception SoftStar has always pursued code quality standards and is capable of engaging activities at CMM Level 3.

Our professionals have consolidated knowledge in mainstream programming languages C,C++ and Java, while maintaining an eye on promising new entries as Ruby. In our fast moving world how could we forget scripting languages like Perl, PHP and Python that enable impressive turn around times. In a perfect world we would never have to dig through legacy code; apparently our world still has some imperfections thus SoftStar provides in depth knowledge of variuos assembly languages from Z80 microprocessor to S370. Top


Over the years SoftStar has closely tracked emerging technologies and their potential market locations. We have seen technologies gain wide acceptance and then become relegated to marginality, as has unfortunately happened with X Window System.

As of 2006, SoftStar is focusing on the following mainstream technologies:

Dedications to clients, quality and durability in solutions have brought SoftStar to acquire clients in non IT based fields. This is the case of Editrice La Stampa, one of the top newspapers in Italy, that is performing a major upgrade in its printing plant of Torino. In this project SoftStar was selected to lead network infrastructure, security and workflow implementations. The later aspect required the development of Java and XML based application to integrate Unisys Hermes press room tools with ABB PSI Interface and Agfa Arkitex product line. Top


Ad hoc training courses, on key competence technologies, are provided on client request. All training materials and courses are highly tuned to the clients needs and help onsite. This approach maximizes the information transfer and reduces costs related to being away from the office. Top